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Glimpses - 2010

A look at our history through scene & song
by Jon Allen, Dave Brumwell and cast members
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Premiered July 2008
at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

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Cast of "Glimpses"

2010 welcomes the 'Summer Troupe's' third season of 'Glimpses'. The show has been enjoyed by many people from all over the world and has proved popular with visitors and locals alike. This year we have some exciting news skits, 'plus' a couple of new faces to join the regular team for what has been described as a 'truly entertaining production'. If you have not yet managed to find time to enjoy this unique and original production, then please 'don't miss out again' this year.
About the Show:

Glimpses. is a series of vignettes, suitable for all ages, depicting interesting events in the history of this area from the landing of the first settlers to the tragic fire which destroyed St. John's Anglican church on October 31st, 2001. The presentation is complemented by some very relevant slides. Glimpses premiered on July 4th, 2008 at the Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg and proceeded to run until September. Response was tremendous, both from local inhabitants and visitors alike. This year, the show has been expanded yet again to include three more lively and moving vignettes. In all, it is a thought provoking experience with many emotional ups and downs. All the songs are original from the pens of Hank Middleton, Vince Morash, Sherry Dean, Dave Brumwell, and Jon Allen. Admission has been by donation with a portion of the proceeds going to local historical societies. Approx. length is 1 hour 30 minutes.

At The Fisheries Museum, Lunenburg
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm.   From July 6th to Sept 16th

In alphabetical order because we're all important:
Jon Allen, Dave Brumwell, Arielle Detraz, Lyne Hoeg, Sharon Jackson, John McGee, Janet Rae, Annie Stockdale, David Young


Art Cole, Hank Middleton


Ian Allen


This is my Town, lyrics & music by Jon Allen
Lunenburg Township, lyrics & music by Hank Middleton
A Visit to the Doctor, lyrics & music by Hank Middleton & Dave Brumwell
Sack of Lunenburg, lyrics & music by Dave Brumwell
Young Teaser, lyrics & music by Jon Allen
Mistress to the Sea, lyrics & music by Hank Middleton
Oak Island Mystery, lyrics & music by Dave Brumwell
Gallows Hill, lyrics & music by Jon Allen
Arthur Tanner, lyrics & music by Sherry Dean
Romantic life of a Fisherman, lyrics & music by Hank Middleton.
Sophia, lyrics & music by Jon Allen
Change my Hat, lyrics Dave Brumwell, music Hank Middleton
Mary Celeste, lyrics & music by Dave Brumwell
Mighty LaHave, lyrics & music by Hank Middleton.
Captain Angus, lyrics & music by Vince Morash
The Monument, lyrics & music by Vince Morash
The Reo, lyrics & music by Hank Middleton
Down in Lunenburg, lyrics & music by Hank Middleton
Sausage Loving Alien, lyrics Dave Brumwell, music Brumwell/Cochrane
The Church is on Fire!, lyrics & music by Jon Allen
This is our Town (reprise), lyrics & music by Jon Allen

Comments from last year's shows:
Applause for production
I want to recommend seeing the theatre production "Glimpses" being performed throughout the summer season at the Fisheries Museum on the third floor. It is a thoroughly enjoyable and educational musical romp through Lunenburg's colourful history. The pace is brisk, the script witty, the original music is wonderful and the energetic cast is superb. I would think that anyone - whether a long-time local, new resident or "just passing through" tourist - would greatly enjoy this production. My 10-year-old Grandtwins enjoyed every minute of it, as did all the other audience members, young and old! Applause to this talented group of musicians and thespians for offering such a fine production. Four Stars!
Ciel Duke, Corkums Island
Other Comments:
DD, New York City, Excellent. The Spirit was terrific!
AM, Brantford, ON, Amazing!
RM, South Dakota, Thanks - great show!
NR, Garden Lots, Just loved it
CV, Manila, Philippines, Fantastic Job!
CH, Toronto & Vancouver, Absolutely delightful!
AG, Ottawa, ON, Awesome singing!
D & FS, Halifax, NS, Entertaining, Informative!
FK & AA, Princeton, NJ, Bravissimi! Thank you for your stories and your beautiful voices!
SZ, Lunenburg, Wonderful Show!
JR, Halifax. NS , Marvellous and so original!
CS, Arlington, VA, Better than Broadway. Super Duper Cool!!
CB, Bermuda, Very moving. Illuminating!
W & PT, Edmonton, AB, Outstanding!
E & CC, London, England, We loved it!
PM, Bavaria, Germany, Great show!
NW, Lunenburg, This is our Town
H & ES, Scotland & Lunenburg, Wonderful show!
R & VW, Huntington, CA, Great
B & AP, Fredricton, NB, Absolutely fab. Great show

to Ralph Getson and The Fisheries Museum and to South Shore Players costume department.

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